The most economical way to lighten your homes is here. Solar Power is the Power of the FUTURE


System design and engineering is critical in delivering the most efficient, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solar energy systems. Our experience (i.e. lessons learned), expertise and familiarity with the latest technology are used to account for and address the many aspects of installation and integration with existing systems. We provide Consultation, Area Estimation, Unit Liability, Capacity of Unit Measurement, Load Estimation and Optimum Solutions with value-engineering to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-savings. We also work directly with the engineers of our manufacturing partners.


All installations are carried out by our own personnel or licensed dealers, depending on geographic location. We install all types of solar heating and electrical systems plus conventional water heaters. We also provide materials and technical assistance for those who wish to install their own systems. We use State of art technology for installation. Shifting of the solar equipment in case you move to another place will be done with ease.


We provide planned maintenance to all solar equipment installed by us. We provide service on a routine basis as a reminder that planned maintenance saves major repair costs in the long term and also to update customers of any potential problems. High Quality and reliable units from MNRE approved sources.


We also provide Inwarranty, Out warranty, AMC, extended warranty that would extend the life of solar products in general.

Operational Contract

Our Team visits periodically to monitor the solar products within your premise. Check list includes: Condition of Units, Cleanliness of Units, Change Control Unit and Performance and other Operational Parameters from time to time.