About Saving Energy

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About Saving Energy

At Solar Kiran we believe that reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions should be India's top priority and that each and every Indian CAN make a difference by following some very simple and practical steps. Either as an individual or business owner you can have an immediate impact in saving you money while bringing benefits to the environment.

Think inside and outside for heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling accounts for about 38% of household energy consumption, and together with water heating accounts for around 63%, making these two areas worth consideration in any energy saving plan. A home without insulation can lose up to 45% of heat from the ceiling, up to 20% through walls and up to 5% through floors so insulate where possible. Well-designed eaves, using an external blind or strategically placing a pergola or deciduous vine can shade out summer sun while allowing in the winter sun can assist in reducing the need for regular heating and cooling. Good ventilation can also assist in moving built up warmed air such as with double-sash windows. And don't forget the east and west windows as well.

Energy efficient appliances equals financial savings.

It makes good sense to buy energy-efficient appliances with low standby power usage or installing a Solar Kiran Solar Power system. Appliances account for about 30% of home energy usage. Look at the energy or water rating label and choose one with a high star rating. Energy efficient globes and fluorescent lights use less energy than regular lighting just as a 3 star rated shower head will allow you to reduce water usage each year. Gas is cheaper and less damaging to the environment than electricity and hot water heating accounts for around 25% of household energy consumption. By installing one of Solar Kiran's Solar Power Products is a great way to start cutting energy consumption and off set the rising cost of energy.

Maintain your appliances.

Keep your fans, fridges and freezers clean and well ventilated. Fridges and freezers operate best in areas of low temperature (Fridges between 3 to 5°C & Freezers between -15 to -18°C) so keep them away from heat sources such as ovens and cook tops and allow space on all sides to allow heat to escape. Regular defrosting, cleaning and checking door seals and vents will ensure not only more efficient power use but also the long term life of the appliance.

Use energy only when you need it.

Turning all your appliances off at the wall (NOT on standby) whenever you’re not using them, or by installing a Standby Power Controller, can save around 4% of your electricity bill. You can reduce your water supply and heating cost by reducing shower time or encouraging your kids to close the tap while brushing their teeth.

Always choose the right tools.

If you don’t have access to gas for cooking consider using smaller electrical appliances such as the microwave or electric kettle instead of the stovetop. When filling your kettle or saucepan use the minimum amount of water needed to further reduce energy use. Wash your clothes in cold water and then hang them outside on the clothesline or rack to dry. By using cold water instead of hot water to wash your clothes you will save on the cost of heating the water. And if you need to use your clothes dryer try using the clothes line or rack to pre-dry before finishing them off in the dryer.

All new homes and major renovations in India must now meet basic energy performance requirements, making it even more important for you to know how to create an energy efficient, eco-friendly home.

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