The most economical way to lighten your homes is here. Solar Power is the Power of the FUTURE

We Help Launch Your Business

Training, support, and custom tools to help you launch with confidence.

The Solar Kiran franchise is the fastest way to get you set up to successfully sell solar. You don't need a technical background, just a desire to be part of leading team. The program provides comprehensive training to make your business a success, it including training for installation, business operations, sales, and marketing.

And support doesn't end when your sales begin. We take an all-hand-on-deck approach in each of your markets and provide ongoing support and resources from experienced advisors in fields ranging from operations to advertising.

We Help You Stand Out

Leverage our brand and experience to streamline your business.

As in any lucrative and competitive field, marketing and brand matters. Solar Kiran provides a brand with national advertising and local marketing that connects you with local customers primed and ready to sign with you.

We've learned what works in solar, and now you can benefit from best practices across the network. Our industry-leading custom software seamlessly expedites you from selling to installing to invoicing, making your sales streamline, simple, and profitable.

Leverage Our Experience

Your success is our business.

Solar Kiran employs some of the best minds in the industry. We work with leading professionals in fields ranging from operations to advertising, and take an all-hands-on-deck approach in your market. Each office works with a dedicated advocate. Behind your advocate stands an entire team balancing your task load and studying industry trends to enhance your potential for future growth and profitability.

An opportunity to join a top player in a growing industry... ARE YOU IN?

The ideal Solar Kiran candidate has a strong sales and marketing background and the drive to be a part of growing one of the top industries in the country. To learn more about your opportunity with Solar Kiran, do read this brochure. Click here to download.